Photo Gallery

Tankerton Jetty/Foreshore

This is where the Interisland Ferry docks for passengers for French Island.  Here you can meet the tour bus and hire bikes.  There is an informaton shelter at the end of the jetty near the car park and there is also picnic tables and a public toilet.

South Coast Beach Vegetation

The vegetation in the above photo consits of areas of saltmarsh, mangroves various native grasses.

Old Homestead

One of the many old homesteads dotted around the island.   Predominantly mud brick and wattle and daub.

Fairhaven Beach

Fairhaven beach is approximately 8 km up Coast Road.  

Mother and baby

French Island has a population of approximately 2000 koalas.  Each year 250 are removed and relocated throughout Victoria.  Our Koalas are disease free, unlike their mainland cousins.

Vehicle Barge

The transport vehicle  barge runs most days from the East coast of French Island to Corinella.  Residents use the barge to take livestock off the island to market and for bringing on large items.